Bone reconstruction around teeth

caso reconstrucción ósea alrededor del hueso - antes


caso reconstrucción ósea alrededor del hueso - después


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Periodontal disease causes bone loss around the teeth. Bacteria that form bacterial plaque release toxins that destroy this bone, which leads to dental mobility and risk of tooth loss.

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Currently, we have biomaterials that stimulate the regeneration of lost bone around the roots, such as collagen membranes or proteins derived from the enamel matrix.

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A 45-year-old patient in the periodontal maintenance phase. The piece 36 appeared to have a bone defect and a periodontal pocket 10 mm deep. With the conventional periodontal disinfection treatment this problem had not been solved and occasionally the gingiva festered. We proposed to treat it by means of a microsurgery with the help of a biomaterial and we regenerated the lost bone around this molar. It is now 6 years since the treatment and the patient has a completely healthy smile and the molar stays without mobility.

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