Aged or unfit bridges and crowns

Antes - puentes y coronas envejecidas


Después - puentes y coronas envejecidas


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Over time, bridges or crowns may become loose from the tooth that holds them, favouring caries that destroy the dental structure or cosmetic problems that make the patient uncomfortable..

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The treatment of these problems involves the change of these old prostheses by bridges and crowns with latest generation ceramics made with CAD-CAM technology that give the prosthesis a high precision fit and an extremely natural aesthetic appearance.

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A 56-year-old patient with old and mismatched upper crowns, where the metallic margin of the prosthetic crowns and the retraction of the gum can be appreciated. After a combined treatment of gingival plastic microsurgery and the change of old bridge by ceramic crowns of last generation, it is possible to rejuvenate his smile.

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