Why is interdental cleaning so important?

calendario 11-Aug-2017
Dra. Prats
Specialist in Endodontics and Dental Aesthetics

As we know, by brushing our teeth we manage to remove the bacterial plaque from the exterior and interior surface of the tooth, as well as the masticatory layer. However, what happens with the spaces in between our teeth? These are inaccessible with our normal brush, which is only able to reach 60% of the tooth surface. For the 40% that is difficult to reach, brushing with an interdental toothbrush at least once a day is recommended, making this yet another habit in our daily hygiene routine.

Red or bleeding gums can be an indication of accumulating bacterial plaque that cannot be reached. Therefore, if we add an interdental element to our brushing, we can reduce the amount of plaque and improve both gum and general oral health.

There are some steps we can take to eliminate bleeding gums. These are simple tips to help you to maintain gum health, the fibromuscular layer in our mouth that helps to protect and sustain the teeth.

For a good clean in between the teeth, the most common option is the use of dental floss. Generally, this is the ideal option if the gap is very narrow.

When there are open spaces, generally caused by periodontitis, and techniques such as dental floss are not enough, interdental brushes are recommended.

These brushes can be found on the market in numerous shapes and sizes. For correct use, they should just about fit through the gap, brushing the sides of each tooth to remove the plaque.

We should be aware that just by adding this technique into our daily oral hygiene routine we can improve our oral health and reduce the majority of the bacteria. It’s just a simple technique but it does have great benefits.

To maintain good oral health, avoid making these mistakes when brushing; it’s the best way to prevent oral problems and retain a perfect smile.

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