The importance of the first visit

calendario 12-May-2016
Dr. Rafael Blanes
Medical Director, specialist in Advanced Dental Implantology

Your oral health not only depends on brushing your teeth properly; regular visits to the dentist, especially the first one, are also key. So you can understand the reasons, today we´ll explain why your first visit to the dentist is so important.

The first visit is when the dentist and the patient meet for the first time. It is important that this first contact takes the necessary time because the patients must explain their needs, their desires and expectations to the dentist. Therefore it is necessary to be meticulous in the details so that the dentist can understand all the points that the patient wishes to review.

Once the patient’s needs have been exposed, it is time for the dentist to begin assessing the patient’s medical issues (diseases, allergies, medication, background, habits, etc.) and oral problems.

Detailed oral exploration

The oral examination should be detailed and not only cover teeth to assess caries. Gums should also be explored by probing all teeth, checking the bite of the patient, temporomandibular joint, musculature and mucous membranes in order to detect possible precancerous lesions.

To perform a full examination, it is advisable to take between 10-14 photographs of the mouth that allow to look calmly the patient’s problems. Occasionally, these photographs allow treatment to be discussed in clinical sessions with several doctors with the purpose of discovering the most appropriate treatment option.

As a clinic specialising in children´s dentistry in Palma, we take look at that first dental check-up, whether for adults or children, as various aspects will be taken into account.

Panoramic Radiography and 3D Scanner


After the clinical examination, a panoramic radiograph (to detect cysts, including teeth or non-visible bone lesions with a visual scan) and bitewing radiographs (with the intention of detecting tooth decay) should be performed.

Similarly, if the patient needs to place dental implants or orthodontics, it is essential to perform a 3D scanner and / or impressions of the teeth to obtain models of plaster that allow to evaluate the placement of dental implants or orthodontic appliances.

First visit of 1 hour

Dr. Blanes

After analysing all the obtained data it is time to present at least two written treatment proposals and talk with the patient.
As you can see, a first visit is very comprehensive, requiring at least 1 hour of time along with sophisticated diagnostic tests to detect and plan a reliable, safe and long-lasting treatment.

If you wish our team of specialists to value your case without compromise, you can request your appointment here. Until November 30, the first visit is free of charge.