The 5 most common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth

calendario 21-Apr-2017
Dra. Prats
Specialist in Endodontics and Dental Aesthetics

Brushing your teeth properly is an essential task for avoiding oral diseases, and it requires following certain rules to keep your mouth healthy. As part of our gum treatments we instruct patients on how to brush their teeth correctly and avoid bad habits in their brushing techniques. Below are some common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth.

  1. The aim of brushing is to eliminate the bacterial plaque. A popular oral health myth is that we only brush our teeth to eliminate food remains. This is wrong; it’s the bacteria attached to our teeth or our gums that cause diseases. We achieve oral health by brushing the surface of the teeth to eliminate these bacteria that adhere to our teeth and that appear 8 hours after brushing. That is why we recommend brushing your teeth every 8 hours.
  2. Don’t use stiff or medium toothbrushes. To brush your teeth properly you need the right tools. The consistency of your toothbrush bristles must be “smooth”, otherwise you can damage the gum, exposing the root and making your teeth hypersensitive to heat and cold.
  3. Don’t forget to clean between your teeth. The most common technique mistake is forgetting to floss or use an interdental brush to clean between your teeth, because a normal toothbrush doesn’t reach those areas. If you don’t do it, you run a high risk of developing cavities, periodontitis or tooth loss.
  4. Don’t rely exclusively on mouthwashes or sugarfree chewing gum. Scientifically, we know mouthwashes don’t eliminate the interdental plaque. It also isn’t enough to reduce the pH of our saliva with chewing gum if we haven’t first eliminated the bacteria with the right kind of toothbrush.
  5. Brush vertically, not horizontally. Brushing your teeth properly requires time; move your brush by drawing semicircles from the gum to the tooth. Don’t ever move the brush horizontally or you will cause your gums to recede.

There are many things to take into account to have a good oral hygiene. But if we put all these tips to practice, we will feel a big difference in our oral health. If you want to be up to date with all important matters related to your mouth, subscribe to our newsletter.