Latest technology at the service of our patients

calendario 2-Mar-2016
Dr. Rafael Blanes
Medical Director, specialist in Advanced Dental Implantology

In Pronova Clinic we are committed to the utmost state-of-the-art standard, determined to offer our patients the best possible treatments and the latest available technologies on the market. On this occasion we present a magnificent novelty that meant a huge investment for the clinic and will be a step forward in our efforts to improve daily.

The big news is that we have just purchased a new digital orthopantomograph with the latest technology model X-MIND PANO CEPH D+. The role of this device is fundamental for dental diagnosis, for the upper and for the lower jaw. Orthopantomography or panoramic radiograph is an extremely useful technique that shows a general image of upper and lower jaws and teeth.


This new acquisition has significant advantages over previous models. First, it offers higher image definition (the best on the market) while it reduces the amount of radiation to the patient because the exposure time is shorter to X-rays. In addition, the new orthopantomograph does lateral skull teleradiography for orthodontic studies and offers a higher precision of diagnosis avoiding additional X-rays.

This is just one more example of our commitment to ensure you a modern and professional treatment.