Invisible orthodontics, a natural smile from day one.

Dra. Roselló
Orthodontic Specialist

There is no age for starting an orthodontic treatment, and more and more adults are making the decision to improve their smile, for not only aesthetic, but also oral health reasons.
The aim of orthodontics is to get a great looking smile but also to ensure healthy and fully functioning dental structures. A good fit improves your bite and relieves wear and tear on the teeth. Food can be chewed better after aligning the teeth, preventing gum disease such as periodontitis and articulation as well as chewing muscle problems, which can cause headaches, facial or neck pain.

When designing a healthy, great looking and natural smile many factors come into play:

The teeth must be in the correct position, in keeping with the person’s lips and face. The colour, texture and shape are all important… and of course, you need healthy gums.
Since even the smallest of details count when designing attractive smiles, techniques that consider the patient’s image during the adult orthodontic treatment period are being developed.

Invisible braces

Conventional braces have been giving way to other less visible kinds of orthodontics that are both more comfortable and efficient. Some of them are completely unnoticeable, such as transparent aligners (Invisalign orthodontics) or Incognito orthodontics®, where the arch and the corrective braces are placed on the back of the teeth.
Incognito® orthodontics consist of gold braces that are tailor-made for the patient in a fully personalised way.
They are invisible orthodontics that get great results during the dentofacial correction process and which let the patient enjoy a natural-looking smile from day one.
With this type of orthodontics, the risk of superficial tooth decalcification is reduced when compared to other conventional systems.

At Clínica Pronova, a dental clinic in Mallorca, following an initial appointment where we do a thorough study of each case, we then start the most appropriate treatment in order to offer our patients healthy, natural smiles, allowing them to chew and speak comfortably and which, in the end, offer the highest level of wellness possible. That is our main goal.