How to overcome your fear of the dentist?

calendario 14-Jul-2017
Dr. Rafael Blanes
Medical Director, specialist in Advanced Dental Implantology

For many, the dentist is high up on our list of fears and phobias. Fear of going to the dentist effects 15% of the population, most of which experience feelings of anxiety. The main reason for this is a fear of pain, which manifests itself in insomnia, discomfort, sweating, and/or muscular tension. All of these symptoms contribute to avoiding the dentist, which can result in oral problems and can actually put our health at risk.

If you have a fear of the dentist, techniques such as applying nitrous oxide may help. In this post, we will also offer some tips on how to overcome or get rid of your fear of the dentist:

Fear of the unknown

Many of our fears come from a lack of knowledge about the treatments necessary to solve our oral problems. One way of getting rid of our fear is to do some research on those treatments, albeit in the consultation itself, in the hands of the professionals.

Sharing our fears

We shouldn’t hide our phobia when in the presence of our dentist. They are professionals and used to patients like us, knowing exactly how to treat us and what information to give us in order to make the visit a bit less traumatic. Today, dentists are very different to those we used to visit 30 years ago. Their methods, tools and technology are all significantly more advanced, making it as comfortable as possible.

Your dentist

The idea of the “trusted dentist” is actually key to getting rid of our fears. If you haven’t yet found one, why not ask friends and family about their experiences? A good review of a dentist will help build trust.

Other advice and recommendations

Once we are sat in the dentist’s chair, a helpful word of advice is to avoid looking at the tools they are going to be using. Thinking about something that distracts us is a very effective method; we can always take advantage and plan our holiday during the treatment! On the other hand, going with someone to the appointment will help us to relax while we wait, as well as reducing the temptation to cancel it completely.

Why choose us as your dental clinic? At Pronova we use the most advanced techniques and have a team of specialists with plenty of experience and qualifications behind them. They can answer any questions or concerns you may have in addition to helping you to overcome your fear of the dentist. We hope this post has shown you that going to the dentist without feeling afraid is possible.