Everything you wanted to know about adult orthodontics

calendario 8-Sep-2017
Dra. Roselló
Orthodontic Specialist

Interest in correcting clenched or crooked teeth and overbites is natural, and evidence of this art dates back to 8th century BC. Orthodontics offers the possibility to straighten both teeth and jaws, correcting potential disorders and keeping them healthy and in good condition.

Types of adult orthodontics

With the evolution of techniques and equipment, there are many diverse adult orthodontic options available today. The most prominent of them are the well-known metal braces, aesthetic ceramic braces placed on the back the teeth (Incognito®) and transparent, removable braces (Invisalign®). Although the last three have been designed to be invisible and are considered to be the most aesthetic brace option, each of these offers an optimum result when it comes to dental correction.


Is there an age limit for adult brace treatments?

Although there is no age limit nor an exact moment for starting an orthodontic treatment, we should keep in mind that if the patient already has periodontal disease, the treatment can only be carried out correctly when the existing gum and bone inflammation are under control.

Which cases require an orthodontic treatment?

Although each issue is assessed individually and depends on the person, the main cases where this type of treatment is recommended are when correcting crowded teeth, teeth that stick out (upper incisors that are significantly separated from the lower incisors) and overbites (the upper incisors significantly cover the lower incisors). In the majority of cases, orthodontic treatments facilitate the straightening of patient’s teeth over a period of approximately one to two years.

Today, one in every four patients undergoing an orthodontic treatment is an adult

Over time, our concern in terms of health, aesthetics and medical advances, has meant that the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatments, has increased. Invisible brace treatments for adults not only improve our smile, aesthetically, but also improve masticatory function, good oral hygiene and if required, a more effective prosthesis placement.

In short, we can see that the world of orthodontics is already an excellent option for people of any age who wish to improve their overall health and oral appearance. A simple treatment that offers an effective and lasting solution. Find your adult orthodontic clinic.