Children’s Orthodontics: What age? how much? and how?

Dra. Roselló
Orthodontic Specialist

The ideal time for a child to start an orthodontic brace treatment is around 6-7 years old. It depends mainly on the type of malocclusion that the child has, as well as their dental age; an indicator calculated using a panoramic x-ray. It doesn’t necessarily coincide with the child’s actual age.

There are two different types of orthodontics:

Corrective orthodontics

With corrective orthodontics, the type of equipment used are the well-known “braces”, which are generally offered to children with a permanent dentition between the ages of around 13-14 years old.

The treatment duration varies between 18-36 months and the price changes depending on the needs of each patient. They generally cost between 2500 and 4000 euros.

Preventative or interceptive orthodontics

Preventative or interceptive orthodontics, generally orthodontic braces or children’s dental orthopaedics, are used as a precaution when there are already early signs of malocclusion in the temporary or mixed dentition. Braces can be either fixed or removable. The main objective is either to correct or to minimize the existing malocclusion, as well as modifying any unusual facial growth and development that may have been detected.

It is important to know that the use of first phase of preventative orthodontics does not mean that a second treatment around the age of 13-14 is no longer needed.

Why are early orthodontic treatments important for children’s teeth?

A child’s bones have great bio elasticity: the cleft palate still has not ossified and if necessary, we can encourage its growth. It also enables us to redirect the tooth buds affecting the permanent teeth into a better position. All of this enables the child to have improved craniofacial development, minimalizing any future consequences of malocclusion and offering a better aesthetic and functional prognostic.

The treatment duration varies between 9-12 months and the price of children’s orthodontics is around 1200-2400 euros, depending on the severity and complexity of the case.

The general recommendation is that a child starts going to their orthodontist from the age of 6, and later on have check-ups to monitor the development of their malocclusion every 6-12 months until the right moment comes to fit an interceptive or corrective brace.