Take care of the oral hygiene of your baby

calendario 28-Jul-2017
Dra. Montañés
Specialist in Dental Aesthetics and Dental Rehabilitation

Even though at first glance it can seem like a strange idea since babies don’t have teeth, it’s essential to take care of babies’ oral hygiene right from the beginning. By doing so we can prevent bacteria from developing that’s related to cavities and other oral infections living in saliva.

Children’s oral hygiene must be taken into account from birth on. It is recommended to do oral hygiene for breastfeeding babies after they’re done drinking from a bottle or breastfeeding in order to get rid of anything leftover in their mouths. To take care of a baby’s gums, you need to clean the oral cavity with wet gauze.

When the baby’s first teeth start to appear, it’s recommended to get a brush and toothpaste specially designed for babies and use them after meals. In fact, after the first year we can get the little one used to the use of the brush, using it like a game the whole family takes part in.

Education and creating health food habits at an early age are also essential. In addition to brushing, we must make an effort to teach our children from a young age about balanced diets; children need to drink lots of water and get used to eating fruit and vegetables.

Likewise, we need to avoid them ingesting sugary food that can lead to cavities at a very early age. If you detect cavities, the best thing to do is head to the dentist or paediatric dentist with the baby to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

When the child turns two years old we need to make an appointment with a dentist who specialises in children so they can have a full oral health check-up.

Paediatric dentistry was ignored for many years, but is recognised as more and more important. Taking care of infants’ oral and dental health is the best way to strengthen their mouths and teeth when they’re adults.

As we’ve already mentioned on numerous occasions the key is staying ahead of oral health problems; that’s the best way to prevent them and fix the factors leading to their onset. If you have any questions on the subject don’t hesitate the share them with us on our website or our Facebook page.