What are the advantages of dental implants?

calendario 27-Jan-2017
Dr. Rafael Blanes
Medical Director, specialist in Advanced Dental Implantology

The main benefits of dental implantology are directly related to be able to solve problems related to missing teeth.

One of the largest problems is that it can affect the ability to chew, especially if the loss is in the back of the mouth. However, the loss of teeth can result in an aesthetic problem that affects the person’s self-esteem, and their ability to interact with others.

The advantages of dental implants not only include improving self-esteem and chewing. The fact that they are single-tooth prostheses means that they do not damage adjacent teeth, like with the use of other types of prosthesis such as fixed bridgework or removable partial dentures.

Furthermore, nowadays there is another advantage, that dental implants are now a reality for everyone. Gone are the days when the lack of bone was an issue, and now almost any patient can get implants regardless of their situation

There are many benefits of dental implants, but daily life leads us to wondering how much dental implant treatment will cost and if it is an accessible technique. Although it is an expensive treatment, these days prices have gone down a lot due to new techniques and materials.

However, it is very important to not end up being conned by unrealistic deals that offer implants at extremely low prices (around €200). These are beyond a shadow of a doubt, scams which, once they’ve got the patient, they increase the initial price between 3 and 4 times by adding additional fees such as operating room, anaesthesia, etc.

Finally, as we always stress, the most important thing for avoiding complications or unpleasant surprises after the treatment is making sure you’re in the hands of highly qualified professionals. This is why, don’t hesitate to look on the Internet for centres that are specialised in implants, check the certifications and qualifications of the implant specialists and schedule an appointment with them so they can answer all your questions in person.

Research, compare and make a decision only when you’re completely sure.