Damon Bracket

A new style of low-friction orthodontics.

Self-ligating brackets, known as Damon brackets, are a type of orthodontic braces that have a gate that traps a high quality steel wire. No need for ligatures. When this gate is closed, the wire is trapped by the bracket. In addition, they cause less sores and chafing on soft tissues and are very comfortable to wear.
These orthodontic treatments last less time because their anchorage system provides faster movements of the teeth. This system allows us to align the teeth, drawing wide smiles. On the other hand, they retain less food and bacterial plaque since it is not necessary to use ligatures, which are essential in conventional orthodontics to join the wire and the bracket.

Real clinical cases

Before and after treatment

A 51-year-old patient comes to our center with aged, dark teeth and dental malposition with tooth crowding. The patient requests to improve the appearance of his smile, so we propose an orthodontic treatment with invisalign to correct the position of his teeth, teeth whitening to gain luminosity and porcelain dental veneers. The treatment lasted 6 months and 9 appointments were necessary.

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In your first visit we will make a rigorous examination of 1 hour, where we will do a dental and gum examination as well as conventional x-rays in order to offer you a complete diagnosis and service.

Do you know if you really need orthodontics? Do you know the different types of braces and which one is best for you?

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Treatment of dental projection

Clínica Pronova has become a reference in the Balearic community in this type of techniques, offering reliable and lasting results to its patients.