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The treatment that fights gum diseases.

Our specialists in Clínica Pronova have a vast experience in the treatment of Gum Disease.

Gingivitis is a chronic and painless periodontal disease that causes inflammation of the gums, and if left untreated can lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis or Pyorrhea is a painless disease that affects the gum and produces the loss of the bone that surrounds the teeth, favoring mobility and subsequent tooth loss. The symptoms of this infection in the gums are the bleeding of the gums, the recession of the gum, the halitosis and the dental mobility.

Our dental clinic, specialized in Periodontics, offers you the most effective treatments against gum disease in Palma de Mallorca. Dr. Libertad Caro, our specialist in Periodontics, will explain you all the details in the following video.

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Clínica Pronova offers you a treatment to get control of periodontal disease in an integral and effective way.

tratamiento de la periodontitis

Treatment of Periodontitis

This gum disease, also known as Pyorrhea, is the first cause of tooth loss after the age of 35. The treatment involves deep disinfection of the gum and education of the patient on special brushing techniques.

mantenimiento periodontal

Periodontal maintenance

We design an individualized maintenance program for each patient, where they learn how to properly treat and control periodontitis. The long-term control of the disease requires a periodic program to prevent the reactivation of the disease.

regeneracion de encias y hueso perdidos

Regeneration of lost gum and bone

We practice various techniques to reconstruct lost bone and retracted gums. To do this, we use growth factors and modern regenerative techniques and periodontal surgery, thus improving the prognosis of the affected tooth, and preventing tooth loss.

sensibilidad dental

Tooth sensitivity

Dental sensitivity can be treated by various techniques such as use of specific mouthwashes and toothpastes, application of fluoride varnishes, placement of resin sheets or application of microsurgeries to cover the exposed hypersensitive root.